'A Killer's Wife' by Victor Methos


Fourteen years ago, prosecutor Jessica Yardley’s husband went to prison for a series of brutal murders. She’s finally created a life with her daughter and is a well-respected attorney. She’s moving on. But when a new rash of homicides has her ex-husband, Eddie, written all over them—the nightmares of her past come back to life.

The FBI asks Jessica to get involved in the hunt for this copycat killer—which means visiting her ex and collaborating with the man who tore her life apart.

As the copycat’s motives become clearer, the new life Jessica created for herself gets darker. She must ask herself who she can trust and if she’s capable of stopping the killer—a man whose every crime is a bloody valentine from a twisted mastermind she’s afraid she may never escape.

Wow! I wanted to LOVE this book. So many possibilities, so many thrilling aspects. If you can ignore the fact that all the legal matters were handled in a way that would never happen, you still have to believe that this brilliant woman was duped in her personal life more than once and with the same horrific consequences. The main character was a tough cookie, annd yet when forced into a corner that could have ended in kill or be killed, she couldn't pull the trigger? The final twist was a bit too much for me; it dulled the last of the shine. I understand this character was painted as a genius, but still, I couldn't fathom it happening. If the second bad guy wasn't written into the main character's life the way he was, and the final twist had been written differently, I would have enjoyed it far more. This author has entertained me with other works. This one seemed stretched too far, but I will continue to read his novels.