"Loving a Rebel: The Preacher's Daughters (Glory, Montana Book 1)" by Linda Ford: Book review by TMDG Reviews


Flora is as rebellious as her adopted parents can handle, always dressing like a boy and riding off alone. She was bound to find trouble. A nefarious man follows her one day, and she gets lost in an incoming snowstorm, trying to lose him. Fortunately, she finds shelter. Unfortunately, spending two nights in a single man's cabin can lead to one ending - happy or not - her preacher father will insist they marry. Flora refuses to marry unless it's for love. Kade is a patient man willing to woo her into marriage. This is a sweet story, and I was glad that there was an alternative to a shotgun-wedding. For a while, I worried Flora would be too stubborn for any of it. Their dialogue through the beginning of the book kept me on the fence whether I would finish the book or not, but I'm glad I stuck it out. Their connection blossomed, and I found the innocent love refreshing. I enjoyed how each helped the other overcome something from their pasts. Some discrepancies gave me pause, but in the end, I overlooked them. The character that seemed phony was the villain. Even though the narration was mild, his personality seemed too cartoonish to be dangerous. 

I would read another book in this series.


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