"A Splendid Ruin" by Megan Chance


 I weighed all points and decided I enjoyed it more than I disliked it. So, three stars instead of two.  May's "family" was truly diabolical. However, I waited for something to happen for the first fifty percent and almost gave up reading. Hints and suspicions gave way to wondering why May couldn't figure anything out for herself. Nothing. Until she landed in the asylum. Okay, so something happened, and I was interested again. May started to evolve from her naivety and toughened up. Then, the earthquake's survival, day after day descriptions of the disaster distracted from May's path to vengeance. That's okay. I waited for her revenge to happen and satisfy me for my persistence in finishing the read. Alas, payback didn't happen the way I'd thought it would, and the anticlimatic justice left me a bit disappointed.