"Wildthorn" by Jane Eagland

 Wildthorn by [Jane Eagland]

A fabulously enticing book cover!

Louisa Cosgrove wants to be a doctor, and she feels her father supports her in this ambition. When he dies, she learns that her brother will never allow her to follow her plans, and ultimately, she doesn't only lose her dream but also her freedom when somebody has her placed in an asylum. But who? Why? She has her suspicions, but this story will keep you guessing until the end.

There were parts of the story that I felt too defeated for Louisa, and I had to force myself to continue on just hoping something good would finally happen, and she would catch a break. I especially hated Weeks, a caretaker at the asylum. There were plenty of characters to dislike there. I didn't care much for any of Louisa's family either. Perhaps Grace held some redeeming qualities.

The way Louisa introduced her feeling for her cousin was a curve, and I was certain it would turn out to be the cause of her hospital commitment, but there were surprises still to come.