"White Out" by Danielle Girard


White Out: A Thriller (Badlands Thriller Book 1) by [Danielle Girard]

I liked the cover; it matched the story well. 

The plot built pretty slowly, but there were enough pieces of the puzzle to keep you wondering what was happening. Not one person with memory loss, but two! Iver Larson, a local bar owner had his demons to deal with from PTSD and alcohol. A dead girl in the dumpster outside the bar was troublesome for him when he couldn't remember where he was or what he did at the time of her death. Lily Baker survived a car wreck and couldn't remember a thing. Luckily, the two are eventually drawn together to help one another. I enjoyed reading this one and figuring out exactly how things fit together.

One thing that bugged me was Lily's amnesia. She thought she was a drug addict before the accident, but she didn't have symptoms. Even if her mind didn't remember, wouldn't her body have the symptoms of withdrawal if she stopped taking drugs?