"Smoke Rose to Heaven" by Sarah Angleton

Smoke Rose to Heaven by [Sarah Angleton]

New York, 1872, Diviner Ada Moses is a finder of hidden things and a keeper of secrets. In her possession is a lost manuscript with the power to destroy the faith of tens of thousands of believers. When a man seeking the truth knocks at her door with a conspiracy theory on his lips and assassins on his heels, she must make a choice.

Spurred by news of a ritualistic murder and the arrival of a package containing the victim's bloody shirt, Ada must either attempt to vanish with the truth or return the burden she has long borne to the prophet responsible for one of the most successful deceptions in US history.

Protecting someone else's secret may save Ada's life, but is that worth forcing her own demons into the light?

Ava's compelling narrative held me tight; the sad tale of her childhood and how she struggled into adulthood with her maniacal aunt kept me reading. The aunt's character traits fell well-balanced between good and evil, and with uncovered glimpses into her life story, it was hard to completely hate her. I highly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading its companion novel to read more about the snake oil salesman, Lyman, who played a large role in Ava's journey.


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