"Shattered Treasure" by Cindy Patterson

Shattered Treasure by [Cindy Patterson, Charlene Patterson]


Addison Morgan has spent years ignoring the broken pieces of her past that etched deep scars in her heart, scars that left her vulnerable to remain in a relationship with an unfaithful boyfriend. Her feelings for him have been fading for months, and after he betrays her again while she’s still hurting over the untimely death of her sister, Addison causes a car accident involving a teenage girl.

Police Officer Logan Tant is devastated when his sister’s in an accident involving a drunk driver. And he’s determined to bring the driver to justice. When he finds out the driver has befriended his sister and family, his anger escalates. It isn’t until he meets Addison face-to-face that the truth becomes blurred and there’s an unstoppable connection that draws him to her.

When Addison falls for Logan, her ex-boyfriend seeks to reclaim her at all costs, leaving her abused and with a life-altering choice to make that will change the course of her relationship with Logan and both of their lives forever.

Tender and emotionally stirring, Shattered Treasure is a tale that reminds us that mercy can mold the most broken of hearts and hope can lead to new journeys that arise from shattered beginnings.

Addison and Logan are compelling characters; their relationship is sweet, and in the end, Logan proves to be a true hero. However, the book is filled with page after page of long-winded stints inside their heads. At about fifty percent I grew tired of the battle between Addison and Phillip and the way she didn't make anything firmly clear to anybody. I would have enjoyed the book much more if the long, boring sections of repetitive internal worries, self-doubts, and insecurities would have been edited out.


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