"The Button" by D.L. Finn

Lynn has quite an adventure in this story, along with her best friend, Stacy. She wakes up next to a dead body after a night of liberal drinking and drug use; she can't find Stacy, and she doesn't know whom to trust. Her building a tolerance to drugs played a role in the results of her situation on more than one occasion. There are several complicated relationships, visible and hidden, between the characters of the book that you may question when all is revealed. There are also good and evil forces in play. Angels who look over the girls try to help them make good decisions and positively change their outcome. I would have liked it if the story had begun with Lynn waking up in bed next to the dead guy, the beginning felt slow and a little muddled for me when the angels are discussing what has happened and what will happen. The evil entity that used the villain as a host also confused me because they were a character and had thoughts or dialogue. It's presence alone was sufficient, but I believe it began that way to conceal the identity of the villain. The significance of the title, the button involved in the book (which I won't post the phrase here:) I recall seeing those buttons as a teenager. Movie quotes and other descriptions also fit within the year of the story. Once Stacy and Lynn are reunited, they are in for a fight of their lives.