"Beckon the Ravens" by Bradon Nave

Beckon the Ravens by [Nave, Bradon]


Born and raised in a patriarchal farming community infused with bent religion, nineteen-year-old Meyrick has spent the majority of her life encased in snow-dusted hills and trees. Stanch regulation leaves little room for teenage antics and Meyrick finds herself dreaming of a future far from the grasp of rural Alberta. As plans to leave for America are coming to fruition, an unearthed secret leaves Meyrick no choice but to rescue the man she loves and embark on their adventure prematurely.

Destined for Idaho, a series of tragedies leaves Meyrick without her companion, alone in rural America and tossed into the clutches of a sadistic crop-farmer, Leroy Ellis. One morning while walking she is perplexed to witness a gentleman in a truck disperse two farmhands on the lawn before driving away. Initially cross, she soon takes a liking to the young couple and stashes the man and woman away from Leroy’s cruelty in a small barn on the property. Their bond grows, as does Meyrick’s hatred for Leroy. She is bewildered by an inability to depart from the deranged man. She isn’t a prisoner, yet something within her anchors her to him. Her mind begins to crumble. Meyrick finds it difficult to distinguish reality from illusion, past from present and often suffers cruel flashbacks. Spiraling to a state of disrepair, Meyrick is saddled with an additional challenge: Her guests aren’t the fragile and defenseless wanderers she’d initially assumed. The two have amassed their own secrets during their visit which may result in deadly consequences for the three of them.

Meyrick's story begins with promise for her and Kaleb's future, and immediately, we are rooting for their success, but the universe has more suffering in store for these characters. It isn't long before one oppressor is in place of another, and the two happy lovers are separated. So much pain, loss, and mistreatment are bound to drive a person mad... right? The author dives into Meyrick's mind. A dark, macabre, and psychologically thrilling tale leaves you wondering what is real and what is not, and when it ends, you wonder if it is truly over or if there is more horror awaiting those surrounding Meyrick.


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