"Wild Horse Springs (Ransom Canyon Book 5)" by Jodi Thomas

Dan Brigman, the sheriff, interested me; I found him likable.  I enjoyed the Cinderella-like boot left behind in the middle of the road. If the boot fits, it must be hers, and Dan enjoyed helping Brandi try it on. They embarked on a "wild" affair to remember, a brief moment to cherish forever. They didn't have much time to engage one another in anything wild because there were so many other things going on - a crime spree in the small town.  I felt like Dan didn't know much about Brandi, and when their affair came to their agreed-upon end, it didn't make me too sad.

I didn't read the first books in the Ransom Canyon series, and it may have caused some trouble understanding Lauren, Lucas, and Tim's parts in this story. Lauren and Lucas were supposed to have a steamy connection, but to me, their attraction fizzled instead of sizzled. I had no interest in them. Perhaps their characters are more captivating in other installments.

The aspect of the book that I favored was about Thatcher, a troubled young adult and the little girl in the red coat. This element of the story, which didn't fully kick in until near the end, captivated and kept me reading. Thatcher's personality and voice were comical and brave, highly entertaining. By the time I'd reached the last page, I did want to find out more about the little town called Crossroads.

I enjoyed Wild Horse Springs (Ransom Canyon Book 5) more as a small-town Texas drama than as a romance. I believe I will try other works by this author, perhaps more of the Ransom Canyon series.