"The One Discovered" (Chronicles of the Diasodz Book 1) by Yvette M Calleiro

The One Discovered (Chronicles of the Diasodz Book 1) has me torn. I found parts of the plot interesting and wanted to find out more information about some of the characters, but the story moved slowly. Sofia's relationship with Rafe seemed awkward, and it was difficult to believe their couple status. They felt no romantic passion for each other and perhaps would have been better as simply best friends. I liked how Ar'ch appeared in Sofia's dreams and then in person. Tattoos turned into real weapons; how cool is that? The scenes where Ar'ch and his brother fought evil beings left me a little confused; I couldn't form a picture from what I read. Dialogue needed to be less formal between the teenagers; conversations were strained. I plan to give book 2 a chance because I want to find out more about Liana and Damiana and how they affect this tale and view Sofia's evolving relationship with Ar'ch.