"OPEN, SHUT: A Short Story" by Nonnie Jules


Darcy Lynn has a few problems: her sister, Lola, killed by a drunk driver, leaves her with an eerie message right before her death; her parents are atheists; her father drinks a little too much, and her brother, Bud, is just annoying. But, her most pressing issue is that things are mysteriously opening and closing around her and she hasn't a clue as to why...or how.

In this short "sad but uplifting story with a wonderful message," as one reader tags it, Author, Nonnie Jules flexes her writing chops once again, by introducing her readers to a normal, everyday family, whose lives are altered, not once, but twice by unexpected and unusual circumstances.

If you came into this story only believing in things seen with your own two eyes, and things heard with your own two ears, you walk away with a new and refreshing added sense...the ability and the courage to change, based on where your heart leads you.

"OPEN, SHUT: A Short Story" by Nonnie Jules inspired me with proof that love can alter a person's beliefs. Change can happen no matter how long it takes. When a loved one leaves us, they aren't truly gone. A relatable, emotional and touching story that made me cry and left me with a sense of calm fulfillment, it was a worth-while journey.


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