"The Color of Home: A Novel" by Rich Marcello

The Color of Home: A Novel

The Color of Home is about two people who are damaged by loss, and neither wants to face any issues that may come up in a relationship due to these scars. Nick is rather shallow, and manipulates to get sex in order to make himself feel better. Sassa is scared and has a commitment phobia. She never stays with anyone more than one year. As Nick and Sassa meander through philosophical debates and hypothetical conversations they reach that one year mark, and Nick feels more ready to commit than Sassa does and feels as long as they are always completely honest with each other they can make it. She feels the need to get away and find herself. She doesn't know how a couple can last fifty years together if they are not "whole". She doesn't want to be two halves making a whole, she wants to be two wholes who come together. So, they decide not to have contact for one year at a time, and then meet to answer three questions, hoping the answers would lead them back together. They continue this for several years and neither one seems to be at the same place emotionally in order to get back together, but they always love each other. Interesting debates can be raised about their theories about life and love. I don't necessarily agree with most of their decisions - but their reasons made sense to them at the time.

The tragic reasons behind Nick and Sassa's behaviors were compelling. The book was overflowing with poetry, song lyrics, food creation, and spiritual rituals and beliefs. It was a uniquely artistic compilation integrating several mediums, and I learned more than I ever thought I'd know about the course of recording an album, Shaman, and running a restaurant. A wide range of topics were covered in the plot. It was lengthy, and sometimes I felt a little overwhelmed but the heart of the matter was worth the read. I never want to give too much away in order to avoid spoilers, but the scene during Nick's father's funeral when he used a sledge hammer, and the cutting of the bark from the tree, those really touched me. My favorite romantic part of the story was when asked what to do next, Nick said he wanted to dance in an intersection. I felt like they finally got it right.

I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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