"Dream" by Kyra Selby


"Dream" was a pretty good read with the potential to be a great read. The concept behind the story was heart melting and riveting. I was extremely taken with the idea that a dying parent's love, an unbreakable force, compelled their final wish for their child to be heard and granted. I also think the cover is beautiful.

Some of the characters are very well drawn out. Pixie was a favorite. Ava and Miles were a sweet couple facing more than the average teenage angst in order to finally come together. I was glad to see how patient Miles was with her in regard to an intimate relationship, and that they built a bond slowly. I'm sure their romance would appeal to teenage girls. Sophie teetered on the edge of being an excellent villain but somehow fell short. I think she could have been more useful in the plot.

Maybe it is the "Mom" in me, but I was concerned for the serious lack of parental supervision of the teens in this book. Miles's parents were dead, and he lived alone. Jesse's parents were consistently away on business and so he was able to throw drunken parties at his house all the time, surrounding himself with the entire school and there were never any consequences. This leads me to the fact that on more than one occasion, Miles had been drinking and then got behind the wheel of his car - and Ava rode with him. Ava lived with her uncle, but he also didn't seem to pay much attention to her whereabouts. At one point in the book, Ava stayed out all night and I didn't notice anything mentioned to the uncle, nor did he ask any questions about where she was.

I'm not sure the book was in its end stage when I read it. It appeared in need of some editing and proofreading to clean up typos and grammatical errors and possibly whittle out some unnecessary or repetitive bits.

Over all, I believe "Dream" could become an extremely popular read within the young adult audience.

I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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