"Going Home Again" by Carol Cassada


Fashion photographer Rachel Mitchell was living the good life in New York; she had everything she ever wanted. However, the death of her mother sends Rachel home to Virginia to be with her family. Upset she seeks comfort from her ex-boyfriend Cole Ashton and they start to reconnect. Their reunion makes Rachel question her life and she’s left with a difficult decision, either stay in New York or start a new life with Cole in Virginia. Which will she choose?


This book was a smooth and easy read. The story had its sweet and tender moments. However, it seemed "familiar" - I have read the same type of story many times. I wanted to find something new, a new twist or disturbance that made it stand out as unique. The main character's thought process was a little repetitive. Actually, I thought there was too much of her thought processing, talking to herself in her head more than I wanted to read. There wasn't any terribly strong conflict with choosing between the two men... and the scene that drives her to the decision was predictable.
I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I liked it enough to finish the story but didn't find it compelling. If you are looking for a light easy beach read, this may be right for you.


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