Forbidden by Salem Kane


"If you're not careful, the fairies will carry you away!"

The old wives tale is more true than anyone knows. In the world that lies parallel to our own, humans and anything human is forbidden. The reason is darker than anyone would guess, but the lure of the promise of the power is a risk that a few evil elves are willing to take.

It is in this world that human Rohana Frost finds herself, carried there by a mysterious man who hunts those of his race that harvest humans. But betrayal comes from the most unlikely of sources and it will take all of Sen Aryn's courage and skill to protect the woman he feels a growing attraction for.


2.5 Stars - Between "Okay" and "I liked it"
When initially reading the email book review pitch, I didn't realize this was a paranormal / fantasy story, or it escaped my attention. You dive right into a whole new world with the main character, Rohana. She finds a stranger, Sen, in her grandfather's cabin - who is badly wounded and very weak - when she goes there planning to regroup and get her life back together after losing her fiance and never knowing what happened to him. The men who wounded him track him down forcing Sen to bring Rohana back to his world.They take a wild ride trying to defeat the evil doers who set Sen up to kill him while trying to deny the feelings building between them because of Rohana's missing fiance. Action scenes sometimes a bit unbelievable, and some of the intimate scenes were repetitive (I don't think the story would suffer any without the sex, just my opinion) but the ideas and plot were intriguing.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I liked most of it. The mystery element of the missing fiance is sure to shock you when you learn what happened to him and why. Suspend your disbelief, let your imagination take over and you will probably enjoy it more.


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