"Hidden" by Lucy Flood


When your ex husband is a frightening psychopath and your new husband ends up mysteriously dead, it would seem logical to wonder... But Kate truly hadn’t. She had buried her tracks so deeply. And Lex’s death had seemed a tragic accident... Until now. 

In the space of three nights everything changes. A frightening encounter with a stranger on a lonely roadside, a prowler in the house when she returns home, a body found hanging in the bush... 

Fear prods Kate into action. Has he found her after all these years? Was Lex’s death really an accident? She has to pull herself together and tamp down the impulse to cut all her ties and run as far and fast as she can. 

Lots of people have secrets. This doesn’t have to be about her. How much did she know about Lex, really? 

Do people with a past somehow find each other?


This book had elements of great suspense. Some of the plot ideas were brilliant. I felt like two different books could have been made from this one, both with promising story lines and thrilling suspense, perhaps even made a good series: (1. featuring her life before, with, and after Wade- and will he hunt her down and get revenge? 2. Her life with Lex, his death and the mysteries surrounding it), but thrown in together it made for a difficult read. Too many characters to keep track of who weren't memorable. Too many very strange things happening. Too many crazy people for one story.
I couldn't understand why Kate would drink so much. If I was terrified- as she was - about her past catching up with her, I would want to be fully alert at all times. Her behaviors were highly unlikable, especially when she sleeps with someone she describes as ugly and repulsive? Yuck. But, I suppose she didn't like herself very much either.
There were also too many long descriptions and repetitious paragraphs through out the book describing Kate's thoughts and fears. Once I knew she was afraid and worried about her ex husband catching her, or how much she missed Bali, or how she contemplated running to a new place to start over one more time - I didn't need to read it several more times in long detail. I started skipping over those paragraphs.
We know throughout the book that Kate is hiding from her first husband who tried to kill her. Because there was so much going on in the investigating of Kate's second husband's past, I suspected the twist to come and so was deflated instead of surprised by the end. I don't want to explain it deeper because it may ruin the read for you if you find it enjoyable and unpredictable as some have.
At the end of the book things turn around and I did find Kate's character more likable, more respectable.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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