Browse. Click. Love. (Novel Adventures) by Cherie Kay

Browse. Click. Love: A Novel Adventure in Dating


Cady has everything a young professional could want - a condo in Florida, fantastic friends, a job she doesn't hate, and an eye for fashion. Still bruised after a surprise break-up, she is looking for love and the meaning of life, disguised as an assignment for work. Her adventure into online dating is full of outrageous situations, epic embarrassment, heartwarming friendships, and a surprise insight or two along the way. Cady discovers that the dating world is as confusing as we are. This is her story of love, life and the pursuit of a decent date, fake or otherwise.


This was a quick and easy read, unique in its cavalier approach to honestly real embarrassing moments. I have read similar plots a few times this year, but, I won't expand on it too much because I don't want to give any spoilers. Some of the characters and events were way over the top, none the less it was an entertaining ride through Cady's mishaps and adventures; it reminded me of a sitcom. I enjoyed it.
I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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