Marie Reviews Love On the Run by Eilzabeth Cole

Love on the RunLove on the Run by Elizabeth Cole


Callie Reed has always lived by her wits. Her rollercoaster luck just took a hard turn, though, and after witnessing a murder, she does the only thing that she can. She runs.

In the middle of Montana, her luck lands her right into the arms of charming county sheriff Jake Brand, who saves her life. But then he asks her for the one thing she is not prepared to give: the truth. Worse, Callie's past is quickly catching up with her.

Chance brought them together, but only trust can keep them that way...and time is running out.


Callie is running for her life after witnessing a murder and it happens she can't go any further than small town Montana before succumbing to her injuries, where Jake finds her and whisks her off for life saving treatment. She is to be under his watch until she heals, by doctor's order. She just wants to keep running. They are attracted to each other, but both have some issues to work through in order to trust one another. Jake needs Callie to confide the truth to him, and when she does it is bigger than he realizes. Can he keep her safe and bring down the bad guy? Will they have a chance to grow a relationship?
This was a quick read. The story was good, if you believe in love at first sight. The plot was well thought out. It ran the expected course. There weren't many surprises, but it was still entertaining and sweet. One of my favorite characters was actually, Bruiser - the dog. He was brave and loyal.
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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