Marie Reviews "Dreamer" by Jane Susann Maccarter

DreamerDreamer by Jane Susann MacCarter


When homely college student Stella Denton and nerdy professor Harry Vale find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time during a convenience store hold-up, the result turns deadly. A ricocheted bullet enters Stella’s brain, causing her to sink into a coma.

But Stella is actually more ‘alive’ than doctors realize. Though outwardly unresponsive, she’s actually ‘awakening’ in Jarmo, an Eden-like paradise that actually existed 9000 years ago.

In this alternate world, the New Stella is beautiful and desirable, while the hunky chief of the tribe turns out to be a notched-up version of her Anthro professor, Harry Vale. Stella flourishes in Jarmo, where Harry teaches her the finer points of sex, romance, and passion.

But is Jarmo and all its delights truly an alternative reality? Or is it just a dream, and Stella the Dreamer? Is her beloved Jarmo (as well as New Harry) nonexistent, just a figment of her severely injured brain? When Stella emerges suddenly from the coma, she must make an irrevocable choice between two lives… one of which may not really exist—and the choosing of which might lead to her obliteration.

An 18+ young adult contemporary romance, DREAMER explores the nature of Reality and Love, showing us that neither are absolutes. And that Reality is what you make it—as is Love.


I was intrigued by the description of this book and when I began reading it I was drawn in immediately. The book starts quickly with Stella and her professor being wounded in a bungled convenience store robbery - Stella getting a bullet lodged in her brain and falling into a coma. Her professor has a bullet in his leg, and is hospitalized also. When he realizes Stella has no real family to be with her and care for her, he steps in to fill the void becoming very attached and devoted to her. He is hoping for a real relationship, equivalent to the one he has invented to placate the hospital staff and her step father, once she awakens. Its action packed and exciting plot got and kept kept my attention. It is a complex and captivating tale of the boring hum drum life in a less than average body, being someone completely forgettable that Stella faces in her real life versus her new life where she has inhabited a beautiful perfect body and has become wife of the gorgeous chief man in Jarmo - a paradise of thousands of years ago. Is she really in Jarmo or is it just a dream? She doesn't want to ever leave her fantasy - if it is indeed one - but she may have no choice. Poor Professor Harry may not get the bride he was hoping for either. Does he help her try to find her way back to Jarmo or does he put his own desires selfishly ahead of Stella's?
The down side of the book was that it didn't really end and left me wanting more - some conclusion to Stella's journey. I look forward to future tales by this author.

I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

It is a $0.99 purchase on Kindle. Definitely worth it.


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