Marie Reviews Murder In Mumbai By K.D. Calamur

Murder in Mumbai by K.D. Calamur
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Mumbai, India: a city of beauty and squalor, old and new, wealth and poverty, honest work and deep corruption… and inevitable target of scandal and condemnation if Inspector Vijay Gaikwad doesn’t solve the murder of American businesswoman Liz Barton, and quickly. Just as invested is newspaper reporter Jay Ganesh, looking for the one big story to repair his once-prestigious reputation. Both men soon discover, however, that the case is as difficult to navigate as Mumbai’s infamous traffic. From her cheating husband to the billionaire industrialist with whom she was “close”; from her jealous colleague to the environmentalist protesting her company, Barton was not short on potential enemies… and nor are they short on lies. But the pressure is on for Gaikwad, the family man trying to do right on an often unscrupulous force, to place the blame on someone, anyone, and Jay is determined to be the first with the scoop—no matter how deadly.


The overall plot was interesting. The descriptions about the setting, classes, its customs and traditions, I have to admit, felt like I was reading a textbook. That isn't necessarily bad, I felt like I learned some things. I found myself skipping through some of the descriptions , as I felt like it was repetitive information. I admired the integrity and honesty of the main characters Gaikwad and Ganesh on their journey to solve the mystery of who murdered Liz Barton, not willing to just come up with an answer, but wanted to come up with the right answer. I would have liked them to have more personality though. I had no idea who the murderer was, and couldn't even guess. At the end, it's like "Ohhh, now I get it." There were motives for her murder presented through the story, but the actual motive wasn't revealed until the end.
It definitely wasn't a waste of time, but I didn't find it to be exceptional.
I was given this book for free in exchange for a review.

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