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Celestine: The House on rue du MaineCelestine: The House on rue du Maine by F.J. Wilson

The story starts out with Celestine as a young girl who seeks refuge in the orphanage to avoid becoming a prostitute like her mother. She wants nothing to do with men and is disgusted with the thought of sex. This book was described to me as a romance novel, but I didn't find it romantic. In my opinion, in a hypnotizing love story, where the characters find eachother, feel great passion for one another, overcome obstacles to be together, and are commited to one another, sex is a great additive to this mixture. I am all for a good sex scene in a romance novel. In this book, however, the sex was not a spice added to magnify the reader's sense of a building relationship.
In order to get into a book and enjoy a romance, the main characters, hero and heroine have to be liked. I found it too difficult to like Celestine. She claimed great love for her husband, but he died, and within a few months she was in the bed of a pirate, whom she immediately claimed to love. Then she was hopping into bed with anyone , including her best friend's husband, performing the same oral sex scene repetetively , which each different man reacted the exact same way to. Several times I found myself saying out loud "Seriously?"
I think I would have enjoyed this story more as historical fiction, without most of the sex scenes, although many of the other events in the book were too unbelievable as well. Sorry, it just didn't work for me.
I was given this book for free in exchange for a review.

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