"The Perfect Couple" by Jackie Kabler : A Book Review by TMDG Reviews


The synopsis pulled me in. Check. The story started intriguing. Check. Gemma waits several days to report her husband missing; all the while paralyzed with worry? Hard to fathom. Spends many chapters repeating the same thoughts, wondering where Danny could have gone while nothing really happens. Annoying. I kept reading because I thought there was no way they'd pull it together and make this a good ending. And it didn't happen. I waited FOREVER to find Danny or learn what happened to him, expecting some WOW moment, and really... the first "truth" is stumbled upon so easily after a supposed genius master plan had been painstakingly crafted and implemented? He just opens the front door when someone rings the bell? And if the real villain had his new life all set up and ready to go - why would he go back after escaping once, sit and explain the whole thing? So we, the reader, would understand the motives and get all the information we needed to tie it up. It made no sense at all that the bad guy wouldn't have laid low and hightailed it out of there. If she promises not to tell anyone, he'll lay it all out and then be on his merry way? Trust her not to call the police and give him away? Blah. I was disappointed with this one.

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