"The Hanged Man: A Digby Rolf Mystery" by Raymond M Hall

The Hanged Man: A Digby Rolf Mystery by [Hall, Raymond M]

This book began slowly with the accused awaiting execution. Digby entered, and the unexplainable bible incident happened. Snap! It captured my interest. For the most part, I became invested in his character. Some issues arose further into the story. He entered a seedy club, sat in a room, put money into a box, and engaged in a peep show? That contradicted his morals, in my eyes, even though he'd removed his collar and resigned. Summer's character seemed superficial, and I didn't connect to her. She endured sexual attacks with virtually no reaction or response. Although they confess an affection for each other near the end, I didn't feel any chemistry between them. The real murderer became known earlier in the book than I'd expected. I liked that John Moorcroft, wrongly convicted and executed, continued to be a character and played a role in the development. There was a moment in the final steps where the exposed villain held onto hope that he would avoid the noose, and it led to a satisfying ending.