'Just Stay' by Michelle Abbott

In "Just Stay" by Michelle Abbott, Pia's family guilted her into joining them for a final family vacation before she headed to uni; she anticipated a boring trip but agreed to go. A local boy named Trey entered the scene. Pia finds him creepy. Pia's mother unwittingly helps Trey in his pursuit of Pia in a comical misunderstanding. Spending time with persistent Trey, Pia falls under his spell; but, she doubts his fidelity and sincerity due to his admissions and his friend's warnings. Trey's relationship with his mother overflowed with heartache. The poor guy seemed like a whipping boy for anyone that ever hurt her, but Trey never showed anger towards her. Their relationship also caused stress on Pia and Trey's budding romance. Not a flowery love story; it has some dark moments but is a worth-while read, and Trey is a powerful character.