'Georgia on her Mind' by Rachel Hauck


On a sunny Monday morning, Macy Moore was on the fast track to success. By noon, all of her dreams were derailed. 

Macy Moore skedaddled from her hometown of Beauty, Georgia to Florida in order to make her own way in the world. Successful and happy, she couldn’t be more proud of her corporate executive job, her just-perfect boyfriend, and her beachside condo. But it all falls apart when she reads the first email of the day. She’s demoted to the lowest rung on the corporate ladder . . . and dumped! She goes from being “someone” to being “nobody,” all on the eve of returning home to emcee her high school reunion. 

Thank goodness for the “Single Saved Sisters.” With loyal friends Lucy, Adriane, and Tamara by her side, Macy retreats to the House of Joe for coffee, consolation and heart-to-heart consultation. Can they help her put her life back together? Yet it's when her former heartthrob, Dylan, shows up on her doorstep, that Macy begins to realize that leaving Beauty, Georgia took her away from everything in life she really loved.

I enjoyed the story and respected Macy's ability to take the high road in almost any situation. The supporting cast of characters kept me interested; they were comical and entertaining. The camaraderie of the 'Single Saved Sisters' was enviable, and Macy and Dylan's romance held promise (I wished it was more of the meat in the book.) Prayer accounted for a major portion of the tale. Overall, I found it uplifting, but it moved slowly.