“The Last Princess of Meigen” by Rachel A. James

“The Last Princess of Meigen” by Rachel A. James is a historical romance. Princess Alena was not of royal birth, and her father-in-law believed she'd bewitched his son into marriage. She had married the prince for love alone, and after he died, she was left as a servant to the King. Alena suffered from a breathing affliction which strengthened the king's belief she was possessed. When the King forced her to enter a marital agreement to unite two kingdoms, she traveled to Angularem to meet her betrothed. She found herself captivated by a physician who treated her breathing illness, and had to choose between what her heart wanted and loyalty to her king. Her king had been known to be vicious, and deceptive, and he held Alena's son to force her to comply with the marriage arrangement. She struggled to find her own strength and purpose in order to free herself and her son from the king's grip.

Princess Alena lead a happy life while her husband was alive. Once he died, she wasn't comfortable in her role as a princess and the constant struggle she felt trying to fit in, trying to find a purpose and be useful was sad. While helping the physician at Angularem and learning medicine, she blossomed; it expanded her character, transformed her and made her stronger. When she was faced with her father-in-law's presence, she battled to hold on to the person she'd become. I liked that person she became, and her strength in standing up for herself and her loved ones. I applaud the author. Alena could have been the rescued damsel, but Ms. James went a different route that required a heroine. The other characters were interesting: a wickedly evil father-in-law stirred trouble, a pregnant princess Teagan was proficient with a longbow, a betrothed king Niall still mourned his wife. I was captivated enough by Teagan and Niall to read more and look for other books by Ms. James. I enjoyed this book for the sweet love story between Alena and Sherwin, and for the other elements of excitement, treachery, and deceit. I recommend  “The Last Princess of Meigen” by Rachel A. James.