Emerald Eyes by N. Michaels



After years of fighting the pressure of becoming a neurosurgeon and continuing her family's famous legacy, Katherine Slav's father has had enough of her partying. He cuts her off financially, leaving Katherine to fend for herself. Finding a job is a priority. Finding Eric Miller is a bonus – a bonus that quickly proves to be impossible to resist. How can she have the only man who denies her every step of the way? How can she seduce her boss without losing her job? Struggling to ward off feelings that go beyond professional, Eric tries to keep Katherine at arm’s length, but the more he’s around her, the weaker his resistance becomes. Discovering Eric’s secret and baring her own, she fights for her new-found love with everything she’s got, but will it be enough to banish the darkness in Eric’s life? Is having Eric Miller all she thought it would be? Will Katherine be enough?

I enjoyed some things about this book. The chemistry sizzled, but the whole premise that Katherine was running away from becoming a brain surgeon was too much. Was she smart enough, patient enough, determined enough? Not sure about that. I didn't like her at first. She turned over a new admirable leaf by trying to make it on her own in the world, almost. Eric, the boss, hot and cold, untouchable and then unshakable. I liked the weird relationship between Eric and Eliza, and the secrets that unfolded there. It added a good dose of psycho to the story. I had mixed feelings all the way through. I didn't realize it had the BDSM element, and sometimes it can be off-putting.