Marie reviews Accidents Happen By Louise Millar

Accidents Happen: A NovelAccidents Happen: A Novel by Louise Millar

Kate Parker has weathered unimaginable horrors—her parents died in a traffic accident on her wedding night, and her husband, Hugo, was murdered in a tragic break-in gone wrong. All she has left is her young son, Jack, and determined to make a better future for him, she attempts to pull her life back together. But are she and her son safe?


In Accidents Happen, Kate lost her parents to a car accident on her wedding day, her husband to car thieves, her house has been burglarized more than once, and she is bound and determined to prevent anymore accidents from taking any one else she loves. She is constantly running statistics through her mind, searching and researching them in books, on the internet, newspapers, anywhere she can find them. She gathers them and compiles them on her laptop – which is stolen and makes her mental state worse than before since she doesn't have her numbers at her fingertips. She is convinced – even with alarms and other extreme measures she takes to provide safety for her and her son – that there have indeed been more break-ins. Her in-laws indulged her for a while but are growing weary of walking on eggs shells with her, and are on the verge of taking her son away from her because he too is becoming irrationally afraid of shadows and noises. When she realizes they are serious, and how much it is affecting her son, she begins to try to get control of her problem, first through therapy and then more unconventional methods with the help of a visiting author from the states, who just happens to be an expert on these statistics that rule her mind. How far will she go to get her life back, and is she really as crazy as everyone thinks she is?
This book is riveting! The end was a surprise. It is not the happily ever after you'd expect – but maybe a better one! I loved, loved, loved it!
I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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