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Last First Kiss (La Fleur de Love, #2)Last First Kiss by Lori Leger
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Blurb from the author:
After Giselle Granger loses her husband in a tragic accident, she's left with their two young daughters, and struggling for the strength to live in a world without him.

When Jackson Broussard loses his wife in the same accident, he finds himself free of the woman whose lies and manipulations have made his marriage a living hell. He feels bound to the past by desire to do right by his friend's widow and children even though Giselle makes it clear she does not want his help.

Can the two former co-workers leave their pasts behind in order to forge a new future together? Or will they be left with nothing more than a last first kiss and two broken hearts?


I was impressed by the talent of Ms. Leger . I was touched by this story and the way she handled the grief of the lead female character, Giselle. Her portrayal of the loss by Giselle of her husband and her daughters' loss of their father was heart breakingly realistic and you will surely be reading through tears and lumps in your throat as I did. The process of healing is well described, the guilt that Giselle puts herself through over feeling new love after she experienced what she thought was the one and only true love of her life is relatable. The courtship of Giselle and Jackson is sweet and touching because he not only falls in love with her but also with her daughters. The setting and characters worked in my mind. I could picture the town and the people. The plot and characters are all developed well enough that you can see other stories forming and it makes you want to know what happens to them all after this story ends. I would strongly recommend this book, and I enjoyed it so much I would like to read other books by this author.
I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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