Marie Reviews Playing The Royal Game by Carol Marinelli

Playing The Royal Game by Carol Marinelli

It seemed like every girl's dream: fall in love with a prince and be whisked off for your very own glamorous happy-ever-after—a royal fairy tale for Allegra Jackson and Prince Alessandro Santina.

Allegra's headline-grabbing family hardly prepared her for a life of public duty, and sinfully delicious Prince Alessandro has always seemed virtually allergic to the idea of settling down in Santa Maria.

Out of all the flamboyant, beautiful women his name's been linked with, the heir to the throne picked ordinary Allegra with the family from hell….

Is everything really as it seems regarding the tabloid's engagement of the year?


Allegra Jackson refuses advances from her boss and she is terminated. She desperately searches for another job, and this leads to a chance meeting with Prince Alessandro Santina. She absentmindedly wanders into a private club to sit and gather her thoughts and is later confronted by a waitress for not signing in. Prince Alessandro, or Alex, as he calls himself, steps in to save her from embarrassment. He is very somber himself because he is being forced to return to Santina to get married and fulfill his royal duties. After some honest conversation about each of their predicaments, Alex wants Allegra to agree to pretend to be his fiance in order to have an excuse to break off his arranged marriage, allowing him a little more time to accomplish his personal goals in London. Then after a short period of time, they could break the engagement. He would pay her handsomely to do so, which would alleviate the burdens she faced being unemployed. It seems like a good first. By the next morning Allegra is experiencing regrets but the Prince makes it perfectly clear that it is already too late to change her mind when they are all over the media. Her regrets only get stronger as one thing after another goes totally opposite from what the Prince had planned, and Allegra's tabloid headline grabbing family get mixed in the deal. The struggle to merge their worlds, overcome standards and expectations to be their own person, and of course falling in love along the way, makes a great story.

Playing The Royal Game is a delightful distraction from every day reality. This modern day fairy tale is just whimsical enough to draw you in, but not too far over the top. I enjoyed the read. I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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